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Walpole Tire and Rubber Company.   Originally formed as a US corporation in 1910 as the Walpole Rubber Company when the Massachusetts Chemical Company., the Walpole Varnish Works, The Valveless Inner Tube Co., and the Walpole Shoe Supply Company merged with the Walpole Rubber Company (Canadian Corporation). The name was changed to the Walpole Tire and Rubber Company and re-incorporated in 1912. The company produced a large verity of rubber goods, with its two largest products being tires and shoe parts. It was located in the Brown Building in Boston at the corner of Sumner street and Atlantic Ave. and at 757 Boylston St. The company was into receivership in 1913 and bankruptcy followed. The company was dissolved in 1916.


Stock. Issued in 1912. #301.

Score Card
Rarity Industry Beauty Cross-Collectable Importance Age
5 7 3 5 4 4
Overall Value 4
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