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Easton Branch Rail Road Corporation.   Built as an extension of the Stoughton branch. Incorporated in 1854. Made its first run in 1855. Merged into the Old Colony and Newport Railroad in 1865.

Oaks Ames.   Instrumental figure in the building of the Transcontinental Railroad, Western Mining, and the Credit Mobilier scandal. See wikipedia for additional details.

Oliver Ames and Sons.   Founded in 1844, when Oliver Jr. and Oaks Ames reorganized the "Ames Shovel Works", a company founded by their father, Oliver Ames. The company continued to produce shovels and made a large fortune selling them to railroads during western expansion, and miners during the gold rush. They also produced shovels and swords for the Union army during the civil war.


Stock. Issued in 1855. #35. Signed by Oaks Ames as President. Issued to Oliver Ames and Sons.

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Rarity Industry Beauty Cross-Collectable Importance Age
8 9 5 9 9 8
Overall Value 10
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