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East Boston Dry Dock Company.   As the name implies, facilities where located in East Boston, where the Charles and Mystic rivers join. The shipyard began about 1840. The founder, Samuel Hall, gained much notoriety building packet ships and later became one of the most famous clipper ship builders in the country. The famous clipper's launched from his shipyard include The Surprise and The Wizard.

Note to collectors: Most historical accounts of the shipyard simply refer to it "Hall's Shipyard". Therefor most dealers and auction houses are unaware that this Dry-Dock company is related to Hall and his shipyard. And although the piece is somewhat scarce, it will show up from time to time. When it does, check to see if its signed by Hall. If it is and the seller doesn't know it...you may be in for quit a bargain!


Stock. Issued in 1852. #1. Issued to and signed by Samuel Hall as President. The inclusion of Hall's signature makes this already quality certificate a truly important one.

Samuel Hall (1800-1870). Famous Boston ship builder.

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