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Boyaston Wool Company.  


Stock. Handwritten. Issued in 1816. #26-30. Although you may occationally see a handwritten stock receipt, subscription agreement or even fractional share, you may never see another one of these....a fully handwritten, fully functional, stock certificate for full shares which including total shares outstanding, the state of incorporation and all the legal requirements you would expect to find in a printed share. Normally, the more ornate the printing is, the more interesting the certificate is, but for every rule there is an exception and here it is.

Score Card
Rarity Industry Beauty Cross-Collectable Importance Age
10 4 N/A 2 7 10
Overall Value 7
 *Rankings are 0 (lowest) to 10 (highest) (key)

CertificateImage One note: Even though a certificate like this may be valuable to the right collector, be careful when buying such pieces. They are the easiest of all to forge.

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