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Boston Water - City of Boston.   Issued to fund the completion of Boston's municipal water system.


Bond. $1000. Issued in 1848. #1596. Signed by Josiah Quincy Jr. as Mayor.

JOSIAH QUINCY, JR. (1802-1888). 11th Mayor of Boston from 1845-1849. Harvard Graduate in 1821. author of "Figures of the Past" (1882). One of the founding members on the Boston Public Library and donated heavily to that institution. Treasurer of the Western Railroad. As Mayor, finished the construction of a Municipal Water System in Boston, a project started by his father (Josiah Quincy), the 2nd mayor of Boston (1822-1823).

The signature of Josiah Quincy also exists on many documents of the Western Railroad. I have seen many stocks from that company offered where the seller mis-represents the signature as Josiah Quincy, the 2nd Mayor of Boston, President of Harvard and founder of Quincy Market. Although both Quincy's had remarkable lives and are notable figures of Boston's past, the Father was more accomplished than the son, and his signature is much more rare. If you wish to obtain the Father's signature, your best bet is to look for early Harvard diplomas.

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