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Attleborough Agricultural Association.   This farmers club, initially known as "THE FARMERS AND Mechanics Association", had its first meeting in March of 1869. In July 1869, they held a "field meeting" on one of the local farms. This was considered quite novel and brought club a degree of notority. Reports of these meetings where regularly published in farming journals throughout New England.

The association held its first fair ("market day") in October 1869 at the old town house. It was quit successful and so in 1870 the association borrowed funds, purchased land and constructed a large fair grounds including infastructor, buildings and a 1/2 mile horse racing track which was considered the best in New Endland. The total cost was $25,000, a large sum for 1870. The annual exhibit began at these grounds in November 1871.

The association decided to have a stock offering to eliminate the debt incurred by building the fair grounds. So in 1887, the board authorized 1200 shares at $25/share for a total capitilization of $30,000 in the newly renamed "Attleborough Agriculture Association".

The assocation thrived throughout the remainder of the 19th century with many members from all the New England States and New York. In 1894, there were 105 stockholders, again a very large number for only 1200 shares.


Stock. #35. Part of the initial offering.

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